Personal Statement

Personal Statement
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1. Why dermatology: the diverse patient population, which can include anything from the pediatric patient suffering from atopic dermatitis to the AIDS patient
suffering from lipodystrophy. Also, the outpatient setting, the procedures, the continuity of care. I enjoy the visual aspects of disease presentation, and the
gratification of helping someone build their self-esteem by treating their disease.
2. How I got interested in dermatology: personal experience of being treated for acne by a dermatologist. Also volunteering during medical school and the student run
clinic on dermatology nights helped me gain more exposure.
3. My strengths: hard working and resilient (had to take off from undergrad due to hurricane Ike damaging my home and also because my father got sick around the same
time as he suffers from sickle cell). Didn’t let me stray off my path to medicine took some time off, went back to undergrad and applied to medical school.
4. What I’m looking for in a program: As a person of color who wants to focus on skin of color I’m looking for a program that will expose me to a diverse patient
population. Also a program that has great mentors