Financial plan and budget company plan

Question 1- 1. How is the financial plan and budget related to a company’s strategic plan?

2. How do the various functional departments of an organization use financial planning (i.e. marketing, operations, sales, executive management, finance, etc.)?

Question 2- 1. Choose a health care-related topic on which to do research using a survey. I suggest that you choose something that interests you.

2. Write the hypothesis for your study.

NOTE: You need a topic/hypothesis about which you can survey at least 25 individuals. You will need at least 10 (ten) questions to ask.

This is the first part of your final project for this course.

Submit this topic and hypothesis here, for instructor approval.

Identify a healthcare-related topic that would be best studied using qualitative methods, and explain specifically how would you go about collecting the data to research your topic.

Be specific as to what you would expect to learn from your study.

Question 3-
Discuss why the following groups may be hesitant to seek mental health services:

African Americans

Asian Americans


Question 4-

The Golden Gate Bridge

Source: Grochol, John. Funding the Suicide Barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California) has acted as a magnet to those who would commit suicide. Nowadays, approximately 30 people a year die leaping from its majestic span. I have been a big proponent of a suicide barrier for the Golden Gate Bridge since day one. Research shows that, by and large, suicide barriers on bridges work, and they work well to save lives.

A suicide barrier has been proposed for the bridge since the 1950s, but it wasn’t until 2005 that the department responsible for the bridge — the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District — relaxed its design requirements. After a public board meeting, the District approved moving forward in doing the design studies to find an appropriate suicide barrier system that would work for this bridge icon. Unfortunately, a part of the approved resolution from that meeting was that the Board would not fund the project from tolls. (So, just to be clear, we’ve known since 2005 that the District wouldn’t be funding this from tolls — this is not new news.)

According to spokesperson Amorette Ko, this is largely because the District is already stretched thin on toll collections: “The District collects about $100 million in tolls each year. About half of this amount is used to maintain the Bridge, and the other half is used to subsidize our ongoing bus, ferry and paratransit services.” The Board simply doesn’t feel there’s any additional toll money left over for a project of this nature.

Should this barrier be built? Why or why not? Would this barrier prevent suicides? Who should fund it?

Question 5-
Part 1
Compare and contrast the views of G. William Domhoff and Thomas Dye regarding the power elite.

Part 2
iscuss the process of elite recruitment in the United States. What role do education, class origins, talent, and ambition play in this process?

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