Legal & ethical Decision Making in Person-Centred Care

Taylah Parker is 14 years old and lives in a town in NSW with her mother (Bronwyn) and Bronwyn’s partner
John. They moved there a year ago from Victoria to support Bronwyn’s mother Dawn who was placed in
residential care. Taylah is estranged from her biological father due to a history of family violence. She is close
to John and sees him as her step-father. There are no other siblings. Taylah’s mother Bronwyn works in a
local supermarket and John is a truck driver.
Almost a year ago, Taylah was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She is angry about this diagnosis and the
imposition it has on her life, particularly regarding diet, activity, social life and body image. She has regular
appointments with a diabetic educator for support, but she doesn’t like her. Taylah and her mum Bronwyn
have a difficult relationship at times complicated by Taylah’s disregard for her diabetes management. Taylah
doesn’t like her Mum interfering in her life.
Taylah attends the local high school in NSW in Year 8. She has a small group of friends and reports having
had issues with making friends since the move. This small group of friends aren’t the ‘popular’ group, and she
has experienced bullying at school.
Taylah has recently become sexually active with what she describes as having “a couple of randoms”. Taylah
was encouraged by the school nurse to contact a sexual health nurse so that she could make informed
decisions in relation to contraceptive options and reducing the health risks associated with participating in
unprotected sexual activity. Taylah’s mother is not aware of her sexual activity. The trip to the sexual health
nurse has been difficult for Taylah to arrange, as it is 2 hours away back in her hometown in Victoria. Taylah
arrives alone to see Pam the sexual health nurse. Taylah is concerned about her mum finding out about the
Pam the sexual health nurse prepares for her consultation with Taylah.
Developing further what you have written in part 1, write an essay identifying the relevant legal and
ethical considerations presented in the case scenario utilising current research.
Focus on confidentiality, consent/guardianship and Beauchamp and Childress’ Four main ethical
principles. Identify how these apply to the individuals in the case scenario.

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