Issues in World Development: Rich World, Poor World

1. State whether you ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ with the statements below and briefly explain why? (80 words per answer or 400 words in total; 50 marks)
a) Growing inequality is embedded in the capitalist economic system.
b) Developing countries benefit from their interactions with developed countries in the framework of the pollution haven hypothesis.
c) The theory of comparative advantage in international trade is not helpful for developing countries trying to advance their levels of development.
d) Better socio-economic development should correlate with lower level of violence in the society.
e) The process of development can be exploitative, but there are ways to avoid or minimise such a negative effect.

2. Choose a very poor country (hint: better just to pick one from the United Nation’s list of Least Developed Countries – LDCs) that you have knowledge about or are familiar with. Then explain: (a) how poor/least developed your selected country is, and (b) why the country is poor/least developed? (175 words; 25 marks) (Hint: ability to use data and be able to explain a case of development failure are important)
3. Watch the ABC Four Corners program, broadcasted on 6 May 2015, titled “Slaving away: The dirty secrets behind Australia’s fresh food.” ( ). After carefully watching the program, please write a short reflection on the issue utilising insights and relevant topics from the unit. (175 words; 25 marks)