creating an e-Portfolio

When creating your e-Portfolio, here are some questions to consider:
Why create an e-Portfolio?
Who is your audience(s)? ASU
What kinds of web-based programs are available? Are there any learning curves to using any of these programs?
Will your e-Portfolio be part of an online community?
Is it for creating a professional website? Hosting work in-progress?
Are there any interactive aspects to the technology you will be using to create your e-Portfolio, such as embedded media or hyperlinks?

Technical considerations when accessing and using your Digication e-Portfolio:
User-friendliness – being easy to understand and is straightforward; in designing your e-Portfolio consider how you portray the information, i.e. pictures and writing, and how easy it is to navigate through your e-Portfolio
Functionality – serving a practical function; in designing your e-Portfolio consider what is the practical purpose of the content in terms of audience
Accessibility – being available when needed; in designing your e-Portfolio consider how easy is the information for your audience to access

Key elements to consider when creating your Digication e-Portfolio:
Content – Short biography, pictures, videos, and hyperlinks
Navigation – Organization of the main links on your homepage, organization of the information on each of your pages
Use of interactive media – Videos, presentations, and hyperlinks