Part I: Short Answer (1 page for each question)

1. C. Wright Mills asserts that there is a connection between history and biography. Explain what he means?
2. What is the single story and how does this occur according to C. Wright Mills and Domhoff?
3. According to C. Wright Mills what is the social structure and how has it been created? Who benefits and why? Mill said I normally don’t have problems but when I do I look at society. Why
did he make this statement?
4. In the short film, Brown Eye, Blue Eye, how did Jane Elliot demonstrate the social structure and its influence on ideology and behavior?
Part II: Essay (2 pages, each question). Please answer both questions using lecture, your books, and films watched in class. It is ok to write more, if you have more to say.

1. Domhoff talks about the Power Elite. Who are they are what do they do? How do they perpetuate their status and how can we use the Sociological Imagination to challenge their worldview. How
are people at the bottom of the hierarchy impacted? Marx is talked about. Explain to me how Karl Marx ideology contradicts what is taught in our society. Why is praxis (action) important to
understanding, to confronting and to changing the structure and institutions in our society.

2. Use C. Wright Mills and examine the educational system. According to the article, Imagine A Country” who wins and why do they win? How does the film, “Walk Out and Tracking” (we will watch
this film on Wednesday) help you explain the disparities in the Educational System? Why and how does this replicate the socioeconomic structuee and the racial hierarchy in the United States
according to Dr. Hill. What does the Power Elite have to do with this, and how do they benefit. If you had a trillion dollars, and could not be bribed, how would you change a structure that creates
inequality and sustains democracy for a few as advocated by Parenti? What does Parenti mean and does this have anything to do with educational inequality? Tell me why is it crucial for people to
understand the social structure. Do you think this will help, and if so why, and if not, why not?

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