Article analysis

Order Description Rona Goffen, “Adam and Eve in the Brancacci Chapel, or Sex and Gender in the Beginning.” answering the following questions about the Goffen reading:
1. According to Goffen, how do the scenes of Adam and Eve relate to the other scenes in the Brancacci Chapel — both the Life of St. Peter cycle as a whole and the scenes next to them?

2. In what ways, according to Goffen, do the scenes of Adam and Eve establish gender differences and communicate the greater responsibility and guilt of Eve?

3. How convincing do you find Goffen’s arguments? If you are convinced, explain another way in which the scenes of Adam and Eve either relate to the rest of the Chapel or distinguish gender
differences; if you are not convinced raise your strongest argument against the content of one of Goffen’s main claims. Anne Leader, “Michelangelo’s Last Judgment: The Culmination of Papal Propaganda in the Sistine Chapel” answering the following questions:

1. What are Leader’s main arguments that the Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel forms an expression of papal primacy (i.e, the importance and power of the papacy)?

2. Is Leader’s argument that the fresco is not a response to the insecurity of the papacy after the Sack of Rome convincing? If so, what is the most compelling evidence or argument she adduces
against the Sack of Rome theory? If not, what is the most important problem in the content of her argument?