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1. How does Jackson Katz expand his framework from Tough Guise 2 in the article you read from Dines & Humez?
2. What is the “defiant assertion” of white male authority?
3. How does Farrell connect masculinity and sexuality with conversations surrounding HIV in the media?
4. According to Sanbonmatsu, how do video games connect simulated violence and militarization? How does capitalism come into play?
5. According to Schut, how do computer games present a particular narrative of history? What is that bias?
6. According to Bertozzi, who is underrepresented and struggles with the “uneven playing field”? What is the “field” she is talking about?
7. As you reflect on the film Tough Guise 2, point to two places in the film that illustrate another reading you have done for the course. Describe the scene and also name the text you are
connecting it to. Be as specific as possible.
8. What does it mean to “break through the ‘tough guise’?”
9. What does Pozner mean by referencing the phrase, “Death becomes you, young lady.”?
10. How does Kimmel argue that masculinity functions as a form of homophobia, and how does this connect to the film Tough Guise 2?
11. According to Petersen, how do Tasker and Negra define “postfeminism” and what are the effects?
12. Describe the study done by Collins and Carmody and what it examines. Include two findings from the study, as well.
13. According to Dines, what is “hegemonic white masculinity” and how does it impact the way the Western part of the world represent and define black masculinity? What does it impact the
construction of black male sexuality?
14. How does the construct of “bitches” and “hoes” connect to the construct of “pimp” within the realm of street culture, according to Rose?
15. Watch the following clip and connect it to Clarkson’s point regarding visibility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q7IzwUa_kI&app=desktop
16. According to Brookey and Cannon, why is second life a valuable space to study gender and sexuality?
17. According to Pozner, what are the 4 tropes of women? Define them and provide an example of each.
18. How does the film, Valentine Road, illustrate Clarkson’s discussion of visibility?
19. How do the jurors rationalize McEarney’s killing of Larry? How do they rely on what Kimmel discusses as “masculinity as homophobia”?

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