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The authors of Incarnational Ministry provide powerful information regarding Band, Tribal, and Peasan. Reading and exploring each of these types of societies will help guide you to think
missionally and anthropologically as you journey to a goal of incarnational ministry.

Approaching multicultural ministry involves the development of a Christian worldview that is
fully formed and informed. There can be great dialog and exhausting debate regarding the
significance of colonialism and paternalism to the mission mandate carried forth into the world
during the 19th and 20th centuries. There is equal challenge to the realities of ethnocentrism, deculturation, and bad contextualization that resulted from the same. In today’s society a person
could say that, “We now know better; or at least we should.” Our knowing better can only be
fully developed in our theology being in alignment with our living.

Our theology “orthodoxy” must be in alignment with our practice “ortho-praxis.” In this regard,
understanding who we are as believers and where our citizenship exists spiritually is crucial to
our ability to see all of creation through the eyes of Jesus Christ- through His vision.
Creation cries out for redemption and this includes all people from every ethnicity and every
culture. As believers with an understanding that our citizenship is “Not of this World” we have
the freedom to go everywhere to everyone with the gospel.

Understanding the challenges, difficulties, and opportunities associated with migration is
foundational to gaining a perspective of the need and the hope for reaching all people. This
reality is evidenced by the fact that the whole world has come to various nations and world-class
cities including the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

The Citizenship & the Realities of Migration Lecture Media Clip and PowerPoint are designed to
assist your learning experience and course productivity.

1. Read pages 75-142 in Incarnational Ministry and take notes writing down the major points and themes. Prepare to integrate information from reading into threaded discussion as appropriate and

1. Read Hebrews 11:8, 9 & 10.
2. Contemplate the reality of citizenship in the life of a born again Christian.
3. For your initial post of 125-175 words:
a. Discuss the issue of migration; think through the challenges of being a stranger in a new country among a new culture.
b. Identify challenges that 1st generation immigrants experience throughout the migration process. How can 1st generation immigrants be most effective in sharing their story with the next
generation? Is it possible to embrace their heritage while they experience assimilation into a new society/culture?