External Analysis – Virgin Group

Order Description
Write a 4 page executive briefing report for leadership analyzing the external environmental and industry influences that could impact the strategy of the selected firm–Virgin Group. Examine the
general external environment as well as the specific industry in which the business operates using two general stakeholder models, PEST (or PESTEL) and the Porter’s Five Forces Model, to structure
and present the analysis about a specific industry or competitive environment. Use the attached template for the report.
1) Complete a PEST analysis for the selected firm. Be sure that this is based on research of the organization, not conjecture or opinion.
2)Analyze key findings from PEST analysis using model data.
3)Complete Porter’s Five Forces Model for the selected firm. Pay particular attention to the relationships of elements from both models.
4)Analyze key findings from Five Forces analysis using model data.
5)Summarizes key findings for the PEST and Five Forces models and compares and contrasts findings.
6)Recommends organizational strategies and analyzes each of the environmental and industry influences found in the external analysis.
Use academic resources.