Background information

Background information

International dependencies through trade and therefore exchange rates between and among currencies have been studied extensively by economists and traders in attempt
to explain several economic phenomena. These phenomena include the relationship between exchange rate and major macroeconomic variables such as interest rate, ,
inflation, output, balance of payment and terms of trade. Based on your assigned topic, critically review the published literature (at least 10-20 articles) and write
a report (communicate outcomes) to demonstrate your understanding based of some or all of the following course outcomes (objectives).

• Compile evidence based on competing theoretical arguments about the operation of the macroeconomy based on your topic.

• Compare outcomes (or empirical evidence) from your review to demonstrate a deep analytical understanding of contemporary public policy issues.

• Access and analyse macroeconomic data which are pertinent to contemporary macroeconomic events locally or debates internationally (you may use graphs, tables
to summarise your results-could be findings from your literature. Quantitative analysis is optional).

• Review (engage in critical thinking through comparative assessment) and compare competing macroeconomic models and policy frameworks.

Unconventional monetary policy, liquidity trap, and asset Prices: Review of the literature and relevance to Australia

Recommended journals for articles:
Applied Economics
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
Cambridge Journal of Economics
Canadian Journal of Economics
China Economic Review
Economic Inquiry
Economic Modelling
Economics Letters
Empirical Economics
Journal of Development Studies
Journal of Macroeconomics
Journal of Policy Modelling
Journal of Productivity Analysis
Macroeconomic Dynamics
Oxford Economic Papers
Oxford Review of Economic Policy
Review of International Economics
Scandinavian Journal of Economics
The Economic Record
The World Bank Economic Review
The World Economy
World Development
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics
European Economic Review
International Economic Review
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
Journal of Economic Growth
Journal of Economic Literature
Journal of Economic Perspectives
Journal of International Economics
Journal of Labor Economics
Journal of Monetary Economics
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
Journal of Political Economy
RAND Journal of Economics
Review of Economic Dynamics
The American Economic Review
The Economic Journal
The Quarterly Journal of Economics
The Review of Economic Studies
The Review of Economics and Statist

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