research discussion

research discussion

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Formatted picot question: In patient with chronic psychiatric d/o over 40 years old with prediabetes, how does the application of a monitored lifestyle modification program prevent the progression from prediabetes to diabetes over six-month period?

P: population- Patients over 40, with chronic psychiatric disorder, diagnosed with prediabetes

I: intervention-Application of a monitored lifestyle modification program

C: -comparison- No program

O: outcome- No Progression to DM

T: time- Over a 6-month period

Identify extraneous variables that may affect your project— both those noted by you, as well as those listed by the authors in your literature review as Limitations in the studies that you read for your project.

Question ;2
Select one instrument (not a survey) from a quantitative study you have read (i.e., Beck’s Depression Inventory). Describe the instrument and the level of data the instrument yields. Report on the instrument’s internal consistency, test-retest reliability, and construct validity. Then state how reliable you feel this instrument is in measuring the construct it is intended to measure.