Leadership project

In Leadership Project 1 (LP1) you have already used Value Systems Theory to critically analyse your company, its leadership and identify some general leadership challenges/problems. Now you will
use Value Systems Theory as a leader to solve one specific leadership challenge/issue in your organisation as well as produce a reflective account that critically evaluates your personal
leadership/management style and approach. On completion of this Unit you be able to meet the Core Learning Outcomes (LOs);
1. Critically evaluate through theory application how certain types of leadership/management styles differ depending on history, culture, geographic life and conditions and how they impact
strategy, people performance and productivity.

2. Critically evaluate leadership problems and challenges and your personal leadership capabilities and critically analyse the need for future development.
a. A company has more than one Leadership Value System and Structure; it has a dominant and less dominant. Using a picture diagram to illustrate select the two Leadership Value Systems and
Structures that are present in your organisation.

b. Next describe the two Leadership Value Systems and Structures (dominant and less dominant) any other smaller sub-systems of your company culture, management and leadership.

c. Also describe how the present Leadership Value Systems and Structures in your organisation impact on leadership, management and staff.