Johnson & Johnson sustainability

Johnson & Johnson sustainability

Order Description
his is an group REPORT assessment, which includes 6 questions that have to be answered.

the report is about undertaking a comprehensive assessment of the business which is Johnson & Johnson, focussing on how it addresses the various issues of

when writing the report please be theoretical and link that to Johnson & Johnson company’s sustainability.

I will attach the instructions file and the rubric. Please focus on the HD section for the rubric

My parts are Question 3, 4 and 5. (available in the attached file)
3. Discuss the main priorities and drivers of sustainability for your business.
4. Evaluate whether the sustainability program has been successful or not.
5. Illustrate with specific examples, how sustainability benefits the business.

Please make your writing style different for each question please.

you should use various type of references like online journal articles, thesis studies, e-books.

Please use some statistics, numbers, diagrams and labels where is needed. All tables and diagrams must be numbered, labeled and briefly explained in the text of your
paper e.g. “Table 2 shows the GDP growth of the main economies ….”
HD Section:
Excels in responding to
assignment questions, and
demonstrates mastery of course
concept and materials. Thesis
presents a clear, focused, and
compelling argument. Paper
recognises the complexities of
its argument throughout the

Argument is thoroughly
supported by strong, specific,
and appropriate evidence.
Evidence is clearly introduced,
analysed and connected to the
Paper flows logically to craft a
cohesive argument.
Paragraphs clearly guide the
reader through a progression of
Uses transitional sentences to
develop strong relationships
between ideas.

Entirely free of spelling,
grammar and punctuation
errors. All sources are cited
correctly and completely