Film analysis

1)From the list below, choose four films and show how their directors/writers present significantly different writing styles. More specifically, refer to narratologies,dialogs,motifs,symbolism
etc. that support your claims (choose four different movies representing four different styles). 2) In most discussions of film, the shot was generally accepted as the basic unit of construction.
Semiotic theorists rejected this unit as too vague and inclusive. They insisted on a more precise concept; they suggested that ″the sign″ be adopted as the minimal unit of signification. A single
shot from a movie generally contains dozens of signs, forming an intricate hierarchy of counterpoised meanings. From the list, choose four films (different from the ones used in question 1) and
show a ″shot″ from each uses at least two counterpoised signs. List of Movies; The Artist(2011), Whiplash(2014), Hugo (2011), Inglorious Basterds (2009), There will be blood (2007), Gran Torino
(2008), The girl with the Dragon tattoo, Hell or high water (2016), Little Miss sunshine (2006)