Marketing- Hammer Press and Gavina Coffee

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Printing paper goods may not sound like the best business to get into these days. But Hammerpress is a company that is carving out a niche in this old industry. And they’re doing it by returning to old technology. Today’s printing firms use computer-driven graphic design techniques and printing processes. But Hammerpress creates greeting cards, calendars, and business cards that are hand-crafted by professional artists and printed using traditional letterpress technology.

When it comes to competing, this presents both opportunities and challenges. While Hammerpress’s products certainly stand out as works of art, the cost for producing such goods is considerably higher than the industry average. This video illustrates how Hammerpress employs dynamic pricing techniques in order to meet the needs of various customer segments and thrive in a competitive environment.

Discuss the following:
• How does Hammerpress employ the concept of dynamic pricing?
• Discuss the three major pricing strategies in relation to Hammerpress. Which of these three do you think is the company’s core strategic strategy?
• Does it make sense for Hammerpress to compete in product categories where the market dictates a price that is not profitable for the company?
These days, there seems to be plenty of coffee to go around. So how does a small time coffee roaster like Gaviña make it in an industry dominated by big players? By carefully crafting a distribution strategy that moves its products into the hands of consumers.

Without a big advertising budget, Gaviña has creatively pursued channel partners in the grocery, restaurant, and hospitality industries. Now, major chains like McDonald’s and Publix make Gaviña’s coffees available to the public. This video also illustrates the impact of distribution strategy on supply chain and product development issues.

Discuss the following:
• Apply the concept of the supply chain to Gaviña by describing the professional selling environment and the ethical role that sales managers and supply chain actors play. How has Gaviña’s distribution strategy affected its product mix?.