International Economics

International Economics
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I have the topic and can upload the doc with all of the info later:
The purpose of the term paper is to give you an opportunity to apply the economic concepts, principles, tools, and models that we have and will examine in this course
to interpret current macroeconomic events. You may decide the exact topic of the paper, so this paper provides you with an opportunity to study something that you are
interested in and connect your interests to what you have and will learn in this course.
Choosing a Topic
The topic of the term paper must be related to international economics. Feasible choices of topics could include:
-Current events: news articles on Titanium have highlighted current and recent events relevant to the course that you could explain using the models and tools from the
course. For example, the article “Krugman, Trade Theory, and Apples Chip Problems with TSMCs Earthquake Damage” from chapter 6 explores how Apple’s iPhone relies on
computer chips made in Taiwan. There is a significant industrial cluster of semiconductor and computer chip production in Taiwan. You could explore the history of
Taiwan’s semiconductor production, how the industrial cluster was formed, and the potential disadvantages of worldwide production of a certain product being
concentrated in just a few places.
-An analysis of the top imports and exports of a country: you could use the MIT Trade Atlas to find the top 5 imports and exports for a country. Then, using the
Heckscher-Ohlin trade theory, New Trade Theory, and the concepts of comparative advantage, you could discuss if the top imports and exports from the country are
consistent with the idea of those theories.
I expect that you will use the economic logic and models that we’ve developed in the course to guide your analysis, so please choose a topic that is compatible with
the tools that we have developed and will develop in this course.
Please email me or talk to me if you have any questions about whether your topic is appropriate for the course.
Suggested Format
Your paper could be organized in the following way:
• Introduction: Here, you introduce the topic of your paper, and summarize briefly the conclusions of your paper.
• Summary of recent events or news articles on your topic: Here, you should examine recent events related to your topic in a way that would interest the average
reader, who is someone who is taking the course with you.
• Economic analysis using the tools or principles developed in this course: I expect that the economic analysis will make up at least 50% of your paper.
• Conclusion: Summarize the main points of your paper and leave an interesting question or result for your reader to ponder for the future.
Rough Draft:
Submitting a rough draft is optional. To ensure that you receive comments on your rough draft with enough time to perform some revisions, please submit it on or before
Friday, April 28th.
Final Draft: The final draft is due on the Friday of finals week 11:59 PM. Please submit it through the Titanium dropbox.
Late Assignment Policy for the Term Paper
For every day that the final draft is late, I will deduct 25% off of the final grade up to a maximum of 75%.
Technical Format
Length: 3-5 pages written—diagrams and graphs, which may be necessary for your analysis, do not count towards the page count. References and a title page do not count
towards the page count either.
Font: Times New Roman, 12 point
Spacing: Double-spaced
Page Margins: 1” left and right, 1” top and bottom
Citations may be in any format style so long as you are consistent about the way that you format the citations. Please remember that the purpose of citations is to
provide enough information to find the source of a fact, so you should include enough information to allow someone to easily trace back any information that you use to
its source. Common citation formats include MLA and APA styles.

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