Life and debt Movie

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Questions to consider as you watch “Life and Debt” (2001)
1. What is the Bretton Woods conference about, who participated, who didn’t and what is its legacy?

2. How has food production in Jamaica changed in the last 30 years?

3. Compare the way Jamaicans in the documentary describe the causes of their debt and social crisis with the way it is described by IMF or World Bank officials.

4. Consider the concepts of “the right to buy” and “the right to be food self-reliant?” What do they mean?

5. If we define development as “improved economic, social and political well being of a nation”, why have the World Bank and the IMF policies not resulted in increased development in many

6. What do you think is required to create a “more level playing field” in global trade?

7. What does the comment, “Was I born a violent man” mean?
8. Do you consider structural adjustment policies a form of structural violence?