History Research Project – Busca 210

University History Research Project – Busca 210
Students will complete a final research project whereby they select a topic within the theme of University History. In preparation, students will attend presentations
by BernettaDoane, and Rebecca Goldman and Katie Carey, concerning research practices and the university archives, respectively. Students must then conduct research
over the course of several weeks. The assignment is worth 50% of your final grade.
To complete the assignment, students will have to:
• Select a theme that encompasses one of the many aspects of the university’s history—its departments, landscape, presidents, historical notoriety, arts,
athletics, student organizations
• Connect their theme to other universities by exploring scholarly articles and documenting findings
• Explore the University Archives
• Complete an Annotated Bibliography with a minimum of sixsources
• Complete an investigative reason paper
• Complete three drafts – Dates listed below
• Participate in peer editing sessions and writing workshops
• Schedule, attend and provide evidence of completed tutoring session
• Create a PPT and present findings
o PPT must be a minimum of five slides
o PPT must have images that do not take up more than ½ a slide and which are properly cited
o Bulleted hot info points only—no blocks of data
o Slides must be clear of grammar and spelling error
o Slides must subscribe to proper professional background colors and fonts
o There must be an opening slide that has an original title, theme and student’s name listed
o There must be a closing citation slide
o Students will be presenting the highlights of their findings and using the PPT to support the discussion, not overwhelm the discussion
Paper must:
• Utilize all proper rules of MLA citation
• Subscribe to all proper dates and factual Paper must adhere to all proper rules of quoting, paraphrasing, and synthesizing
• Exhibit proper grammar and spelling
• Demonstrate that the student has completed the research and is able to discern meaning and purpose, not just regurgitate what they saw/heard
• Sources/Referenced Materials: Students must have at least six sources comprised of scholarly journals and Archived materials that fit into the scope of their
Length: 8-10 pages
First Draft Due: March 30th (5 pages)
Second Draft Due: April 13th (Full Draft)
Final Draft Due: May 11th

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