a Chinese Soap Opera

Writing a Chinese Soap Opera

Order Description

An international television production company has hired your company, Creativity Enterprises, to write a pilot episode of a soap opera to be marketed in rural China. The plot of the soap you will create will revolve around the Wang family. The Wangs are a relatively well-off farming family who live in rural China in the 1920s. The characters in the soap opera are to include:

Wang Zhou: the fifty-five-year-old male head of the family
Wang Lim: the wife of Wang Zhou
Wang Xiao: the eldest son of Wang Zhou
Wang Lao: the wife of Wang Xiao
Wang Jiang: the second son of Wang Zhou
Wang Jane: the wife of Wang Jiang
Wang Sally: the 20-year-old unmarried daughter of Wang Zhou
Wang Nai-Nai: the mother of Zhou Wang

Xiao and Lao have four children, 2 boys and 2 girls.
Jiang and Jane have two children, both girls.

You may, if you wish, add other characters to the story. The storyline should be simple but clear, and you are free to embellish the characters in any way you want, but keep in mind that the soap must appeal to a rural Chinese audience.
No romance, no girl power, no sex — DO NOT write a Mulan story where sassy Sally Wang teams up with Nai-Nai for an adventure