Logbook on process of performance

Logbook on process of performance

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this is a logbook entry style essay so this is the creative process I went trough to develop my characters. I have already written 800 words describing a little about
the playwright and the play its self along with 2 of the characters I played within the play. What i need to be done in the editing section is go through what I have
written and make it sound more intelligent and make it flow better. Also when I begin speaking about the characters ‘The Dog’ and the ‘EGO’ insert some references
about the use of voice in theatre/drama and melodramatic performances. References from Stanislavski, Artaud, Brecht and Samuel becket I would like to be in the
referencing at some point within the essay. The play is called Methusalem. There is very little on this online hence why I am having troubles writing the essay. Feel
free to go in on the editing part and insert points that you think will add to the essay.

for the additional 1600 words, I need you to cover 3 additional parts I played within the play. These are Mr Belle who is a wealthy husband within the scene. The scene
is a dinner party scene at the methusalems estate and they are discussing protentional men to marry Mathesulems, daughter. The way I portrayed this role was adjusting
my voice to sound like a rich, posh person. The performance itself was very static on stage with subtle movements. The costume was also exaggerated with a hat with a
bell on the top.

Another character is ‘The Brother’ this is was a small part, therefore, I didn’t really need to prepare for the role, however, our face was covered with a black veil
so I had to put more emphasis on voice and movement to animate the character. You could also talk about the veil and how it may have helped the dream sequence.

The final role I need you to cover in the ‘MOB’ witch where striking factory workers. We were portrayed as shadows on stage, therefore, you couldn’t see us in physical
form so we had to use voice again to make the performance work. (this is a log book so I cant really tell you the process I Went through so you will have to make it
up, just talk about how I used voice in to make each character distinctive and different, mention a little maybe on how costume played a part, make sure to reference
in each character development with relatable drama practioners)

finally, I was a short but concise analysis on how the performance went. It went well and I performed it to the best of my ability. (just wing this part but it went
really well!)

Make sure you use English UK spelling, Tahoma font size 12, double spacing, Harvard style referencing, No subheadings, 1.5cm margins.

combo order: 6 page essay + 3 page editing

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