Human Services (Effective Helping)

Human Services (Effective Helping)
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The term paper (8-10 pages) is designed to assist you in applying the helping theories discussed in this course. Integrating at least three theories (your integrative
helping approach) and with you as helper and another person as the helpee, discuss the use of relevant therapeutic principles and interventions. The following should
be addressed in your paper and will be used as the rubric in grading:
Statement of the issue or problem
Statement/summary of the theories you have selected and why.
Application of the theories you have selected to yourself as helpee
Cultural and ethical issues
Summary and conclusion, personal reactions, and prognosis.
Points will be deducted for late submittal and less than 8 pages or more than 10 pages.
It is probably easier and most beneficial to write about an instance that you have been or are presently directly involved. For ethical reasons it would be best to
change the names of those involved. Think of yourself as the helper and the other person as the helpee. For example, maybe a friend has confided in you regarding a
problem they are dealing with and asked for your input. Use this problem for the foundation and build on this scenario.
use ariel font, 12 point, number each page, use standard margins (1-1.5″), double-spaced, and include your name, course title, and date.