Catholic Social Teachings

Catholic Social Teachings

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2 brief paragraphs per answer

According to Scripture (Genesis 1-3) the world is not the way God intended it to be. Discuss 1) Why it isn’t, and 2) What if anything can/should be done about it. Be
sure and explain
your reasoning.

From Luke 4, compare and contrast the temptation of Adam and Eve in the Garden with the temptation of Jesus in the desert. What’s similar? What’s different? What can
be learned about temptation from each passage?
I am looking for sound reasoning and cogent arguments should be two paragraphs in length.

Choose any portion of Romans 12. It can be a paragraph, a metaphor, or even a couple of words. Reflect on how that particular passage challenges you, alarms you,
encourages you, whatever.

In Romans 13.1-7 Paul says that all believers should “submit to the governing authorities.” Yet in Acts 5.17-41 the Apostles defy the governing authorities on the
basis of obedience to God (v29). Discuss this apparent contradiction. How does one decide when one is disobeying God by obeying the law? How does one determine whether
one is obeying God by disobeying the law?

Summarize chapter 4 in Massaro, living justice , Catholic social Teaching in Action. Discuss how each source of Catholic Social Teaching interacts with the others.
Which source do you find particularly compelling, and