Nightmare On Elm Street Final Paper

Nightmare On Elm Street Final Paper
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For this essay, you will be offering an analysis of a film, much as you did in the first essay. The main difference in this essay will be that you will be using
research to support your argument and provide a cultural or intellectual context for understanding the film and the issues and themes put forward in it.

Therefore, as in your first paper, you will want to develop a coherent thesis that argues for an idea or theme of the film presented through specific moments. You will
use your research to help you to bring the theme or meaning into focus and to give it a context for your understanding of the film. The body of the paper will consist
of analysis of specific moments from the film to explain where and how the idea or theme of the film emerges.
I would suggest that you consider using much of the research and your sources early in the paper to establish a context within which you are reading and discussing the
film. Remember that using a source does not require extensive discussion of it, unless you are deeply involved in the ideas. Some sources can be used to establish
ideas, frame issues, or provide simple context, and thus can be referred to quite simply.

You will be graded on • your coherent analysis of a film for meaning (40%), • use of research to contextualize and develop the analysis (15%), • specific reference to
the film and scenes used to develop the meaning (30%), • and clear presentation of ideas in the paper (15%).
You should use a minimum of five outside sources in your paper. Of these, at least three should be an academic, scholarly article dealing with either the film or, more
likely, the meanings and ideas you are discussing.