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Learning Activity 1.6: WK1 Capstone Milestone
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Learning Activity 1.6: WK1 Capstone Milestone
Introduction and Purpose of Assignment
The development of the Capstone Project will take place within the Groups section of e360. You and the facilitator will work together within the Groups section to
develop and revise your Capstone Project.

Each weekly milestone is graded on the percentage you have completed toward the portion of the Capstone Project assigned for that week. APA and final content are not
graded during the development process and can continually be refined as the class progresses. Milestone grades will be awarded based on the work done in the Groups
section. Only the final Capstone Project should be submitted in the dropbox.


• Synthesize major MBA program concepts as a part of addressing organizational change. (1.2)

Theory and Context
Milestone work and feedback will take place in the Groups section of your course. There will be a team set up for each student to work individually with the
facilitator. These teams will be created the first day of class and continually used throughout the remaining weeks, so work closely with your facilitator in your
assigned team section. Just click on Groups, your last name, and then enter the discussion section on your left.

Section 2: Proclaiming your dream: Developing vision and mission statements. (2016). Retrieved from
U.S. Small Business Administration. (n.d.). Office of entrepreneurship education|resources. Retrieved from
Week One Milestone
1. Respond to the following items about developing a Christian business:
a. Name and introduction of the company.
b. A 1-2 paragraph introduction to the products and/or services that your company will provide.
c. Create a mission and vision statement for your business.
d. Structure of the company – sole proprietorship, general partnership, C Corporation, S corporation or Limited Liability Company?
i. Discuss each structure in some detail.
ii. Indicate the structure you have selected for the company and the reasons that structure is a good choice.
a. Describe the threats and obstacles that the selected organizational form presents.
iii. Provide a 1 paragraph analysis for each (4 paragraphs total) of the other four structures discussing why the structure is not a good fit for the proposed company.
e. Identify the economic condition of the market the company will be entering.
f. Identify the economic costs for the company at startup.
g. Identify U.S. laws and regulations applicable to your business.
i. Determine procedures necessary so the business stays in compliance.
2. Prepare a paper that reflects all the items in the outline above for your milestone score.

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