: Capstone Discussion

Learning Activity 1.5: Capstone Discussion

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Learning Activity 1.5: Capstone Discussion
Introduction and Purpose of Assignment
This course helps you combine the various skills and knowledge that you have acquired during the MBA program. The final project will show how the various disciplines
work together to assist business leaders in leading organizations.


• Synthesize major MBA program concepts as a part of addressing organizational change. (1.2)

Theory and Context
This discussion will focus on the area being covered in the milestone for the week.

In the Resources section of this assignment you will find the MB6800 Capstone Project details. Please review this document before you start your Capstone Project.
MB6800 Capstone Project.docx – located in the Course Documents section of your e360 course.
Section 2: Proclaiming your dream: Developing vision and mission statements. (2016). Retrieved from https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/structure/strategic-
1. Review the details of your Capstone Project by reading the MB6800 Capstone Project document.
2. Mission and vision statements provide a foundation for the organization and are an important part of beginning a business.
a. Share the mission and/or vision statement you have developed for your Capstone Project.
b. Provide a brief rationale for the statement(s).
3. Through discussion, help other members of the class refine their initial statements. These discussions offer additional means for improving everyone’s Capstone
Project. Provide insights that show critical thinking and ask probing questions to assist class members in refining their final project.
4. Post your responses in the discussion forum titled 1.5 Capstone Discussion.
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