Global warming or Capitalism

Global warming or Capitalism

The Case (1,000-1,500 words)

Identify a moral dilemma in environmental ethics.
The dilemma should have two opposing sides, each with its own arguments. The two sides will have competing goods; that is, benefits that will come if their actions are taken or principles they do not want to compromise. Of course, each side will likely also have harms that will result if their preferred actions are taken, a fact that their opponent will use against them. The sharper the conflict between the two sides the easier it will be to write the case.
Create a fictional situation.
The situation may be a crisis to which the major character (the hero/heroine or person caught in the middle) is forced to decide between the two positions in order to resolve the situation. Introduce the situation and the central character and describe his/her problem in the first two paragraphs of the case.
Create a dialogue between characters.
This character will then debate the issues with one or more additional characters. Perhaps each new character could represent one of the two opposing positions. Most of the case should consist of this debate as dialogue. The characters should debate what ought to be done in this particular situation in concrete terms and give reasons why. The best cases are about specific situations. The characters disagree about what should be done in that local situation and why. Generalities are best left for the commentary.
Conclude the case.
The best case studies do not resolve the dilemma but to end with the central character(s) forced by circumstances to make a tough decision, one way or the other. You do not say what the character(s) decide. This leaves the reader with the task of figuring out for him/herself what the decision ought to be. Or, if you feel strongly that one side of the dilemma is preferred over the other, your central character(s) may resolve the dilemma and take action. The reader is then left to judge if the decision was correct.
The Commentary (1,000-1,500 words)
The commentary is your evaluation of the case based on your reading and research. You should explain why your characters take their positions on the issue and why they argue the way they do. You can bring in facts or examples from real life cases and refer to the experts who represent each side. Cite your sources with footnotes or endnotes and include a bibliography.

The document attached is my case study proposal and please include information from the professor advice response to the proposal which also is in the below document.

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