How The Waste Management Scandal of 1998 Affected the Accounting Job Feild

How The Waste Management Scandal of 1998 Affected the Accounting Job Feild

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This essay will be on the Waste Management Scandal of 1998. This scandal was one of the biggest scandals around that time. This essay will talk about the Waste
Management Scandal and how it affected the accounting world. The first article I found was basically just a summary of the whole event. It tells you about the CEO Dean
L. Buntrock and the companies auditors Arthur Andersen Company were the people behind the scandal. It also tells a summary of the scandal. The Waste Management Scandal
was a scandal where the CEO and the auditors falsely increased the assets depreciation time lengths on the balance sheet. The scandal totaled up to be $1.7 billion
dollars of false earnings. Another article I found published by the Securities Exchange Commission goes into great detail about the details of the court case. It talks
about the charges all the men face. It also talks about each man and how they were involved with the scandal. This article was published by the same group that
initially found and filled the lawsuit against Waste Management. While doing research I found another article by The NY Times talking about the scandal. The NY Times
shows another side about the scandal than the SEC wrote. They both talk about the same thing just in different views. The final article I have found in my research
talks about how after the scandal what all Maury Myers did to help reshape the company. It discusses about how they upgraded their computers and about how he changed
the business model.

What I just wrote was my submitted topic summary for the essay. The essay needs to be on the Waste Management Scandal of 1998 and how it affected the accounting world
today. At the bottom of this I will copy the citation for the four articles discussed in the first paragraph of this. Please call me if you do not understand.

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