Text book:
Turner, L., & West, R. (2013). Perspectives on family communication (4th ed.). New
York, NY: McGraw-Hill

A paper addressing ONE of the prompts below should be no longer than 2 pages in length and should include APA in-text citations. An APA reference list, however, is NOT required.Please adhere to the following format:

12 point Times New Roman font; Double spacing; 1” margins on all four sides

Option 1: Defining Family

The first part of theory construction is definition of terms. We spent time in class at the beginning of the semester trying to define family. We covered multiple definitions, talked about strengths and weaknesses of definitions, and compared our own attempts at defining this term. For this assignment, you should first, reflect on the definitions we covered in class and in the textbook, then spend some time making an argument for why defining this term is important.

In the first section of your paper, review (a) the three types of definitions we covered in class, and (b) at least two strengths and two limitations of our textbook’s conceptualization of family. Then, in a second section of your paper, integrate this information into a discussion about the importance of how we define family (for example, importance for people’s well-being, importance for society, importance for communication researchers). Make sure you discuss at least two reasons why defining family is important in this section.

Option 2: Studying Diverse Family Forms

This paper option requires you to integrate our diverse family forms lecture and our research methods lecture with your own interest in family life. For this assignment, you will propose a potential research study based on a particular family form. To begin, read through the textbook’s discussion of diverse family forms (Chapter 1) and pick the family form that interests you the most or you would like to know more about.

In the first section of your paper, review (a) the information Chapter 1 gives about your chosen family form, and (b) at least two different methods (from Chapter 2, pp. 84-88) people use to conduct research. As you discuss each method, provide a full description of the method and a short description of its benefits/advantages. Then, in a second section of your paper, integrate this information into a proposal for a research study that could be done in the future about your chosen family form. To do this, you should think about what questions still remain unanswered about your chosen family form, then devise a potential research method for answering those questions (be specific about your research question/hypothesis and the type of method you would use).

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