Work Breakdown Structure

ITW 5:
Work Breakdown Structure:
Develop a work breakdown structure for a “Technological Advancement Project”.
• Include at least three levels in your diagram.

ITW 6:
GANTT Chart:
Using Microsoft Project or other similar software
• Create a GANTT chart for a hypothetical project that involves at least 7 tasks, and two milestones.
• Create your own Main Topic using your name.
• In your posting, include enough support material to describe the project, each of the tasks, and to identify the critical path.
• Be sure to include linkages between tasks other than finish-to-start.
• Provide supporting documentation in the text box, and a copy of your MS Project or other type of file printed as a pdf

ITW 7:
Predicting Costs:
IT projects are particularly challenging as we are frequently asked for cost and time estimates before we do the Requirements Phase.
• Write about how IT professionals can attempt to estimate time and cost when we don’t know the requirements yet.
ITW 9:

Project – designing a web page.
• Describe your project scope in a few sentences
• Identify at least five significant varied risks associated with the project.
Be sure that at least one of them is a positive risk.

ITW 11:

The Center for Project Management in San Ramon, California, examined 24 IT projects and compiled a list of ten dumb mistakes. The center then presented this list to 50 conference attendees and
asked them to grade their organization on each mistake. The average grade was between a C+ and D. Here are the ten mistakes:

1. Mistaking every half-baked idea for a viable project.
2. Overlooking stakeholders, forgetting the champions, and ignoring the nemesis.
3. Not assessing the project’s complexity.
4. Not developing a comprehensive project charter.
5. Not developing a comprehensive project plan.
6. Not designing a functional project organization.
7. Accepting or developing unrealistic or unachievable estimates.
8. Accepting status reports that contain mostly noise and not enough signal.
9. Looking back and not ahead.
10. Not following a robust project process architecture.
• Read the above list
• Find an example of a project for which this is the case. (The project can be one that you have personal experience with or that you have read or heard about.)
• Describe the example and state which of the mistakes was made with respect to the project.

Who has Managed You Well?:
Think about some of the groups and teams that you have been a part of in your past.
• What are some of the skills and attributes of the individuals that you feel have managed you well?
• What skills did they have?
• Do not limit yourself to personality traits.
• Include things like organization, creativity, etc.
• Discuss whether these traits are “learnable” or the sort of attribu

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