Iran Perspective on Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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The course I’m taking is Research in Security and Strategic Studies

Each student will be tasked with preparing a short case study of the selected security and strategic studies topic.
The topics – dealing with the most up-to date international, regional and national security issues will be selected and provided by the instructor and distributed randomly to students.
The Topics is Iran Perspective on Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Total points for the Assignment – 30 (equal to 30% of final grade).
There are different strategies to complete the case study – here is one of them.
1. Understanding of your case study topic – once it is assigned to you, make sure that you understand what kind of information you need to gather and what kind of sources you need to look for.
2. Divide your project into three parts with clear introduction (essential facts and information about the case study); main body (the proper description and/or explanation of the case study); and
3. Please bear in mind that most of the case studies do not provide readers with ready answers but they require readers to analyze a given situation so they can find possible answers themselves.
4. Don’t forget to design two questions that refer to the case study (one should be directly connected to the content of the case study; while the other should ask more general question about
applicability of this particular case to other similar cases)
5. Once you have a case study ready, make sure to put it into proper format (title; dividing sections into separate paragraphs etc.).

As students prepare case studies they should be aware of three elements of grading:
1. Content of case study (how topic was researched and prepared) 10pts;
2. Form and style (weather a prepared case studies matches appropriate style and format of the case study) 10pts;
3. Questions (6pts) and sources (4pts) – each case study should be designed with two questions at the very bottom of the project – one should address a specific issue described in case study; the
other should addressed a lesson learned that could be interpreted and implemented into similar cases; and should be followed by two main sources used in preparation of the case study. Case study
should have around 900-1000 words and not exceed 2-3 pages.

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