Briefly state the problem, the present knowledge relevant to it, and the aims and significance of the proposed research.

1. Briefly state the problem, the present knowledge relevant to it, and the aims and significance of the proposed research. Cite appropriate literature.
It is evident that bullying is a serious issue in schools and which parents, teachers and administrators have taken for granted. The seriousness of the matter is perceived once an ordeal such as
murder or suicide has occurred among the victims of bullying. Considering the fact that almost all the children attending school are still dependent on their parents for everything, their
development can greatly be affected by extreme bullying (Heikkila et al. 2012). Children who are exposed to stress during their early years are likely to suffer from adverse development problems
due to the fact that stress affects most parts of their brain thereby hindering development (Litwiller & Brausch, 2012). The study on bullying during the adolescence stage is important in
determining whether bullying has direct impact in academic performance. The purpose of this research is to determine the effects of bullying to the bullies, victims and bully-victims during

Litwiller, B., & Brausch., (2012). Cyber Bullying and Physical Bullying in Adolescent Suicide. The Role of Violent Behavior and Substance Use. J Youth Adolescence (2013) 42:675–684.

Add more information here about HOW and WHERE and WHO- the aims of YOUR proposal.

2. Describe the tasks/tests or procedures participants will be asked to complete.
(Suggestions: explain step by step what the participants will be asked to do and distinguish those which are experimental from those which comprise routine clinical care/services.) Attach copies of
all questionnaires, testing instruments or interview protocols; include any cover letters or instructions to participants. Provide references on reliability and validity of published tools and
written permission to use copyrighted tests if you have not purchased the test.
Participants will be asked a number of questions about their adolescent experience with bullying. The questions are not from a published tool rather they were formulated by the research team
depending on their own experience with adolescence bullying. The answers will be rated from one to five with one representing a low correlation and five representing a high correlation. Example of
questions will be “From one to five, one representing not at all and five representing definitely yes, in your experience did bullying cause any negative effects to your adolescent development.”
Therefore the participants will be requested to read each and every question and tick appropriately against the answer that they deem appropriate. Further instructions will be such as
disqualification of any incomplete questionnaire as well as rejection of any questionnaire which will not be submitted on time. Similarly, the participants must also not include any information
that identifies them.

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