(The Woman in the Photograph) and the Afterword of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Focusing on your own original thoughts and reflections, write your first Reading Response.

This is a formal writing assignment. Reading Responses with an abundance of sentence-level errors and typos will receive no credit.

The Reading Response
The purpose of the Reading Response is to read and to respond with your own original thoughts.


The objective is to read actively. Successful students will interact with the thoughts and ideas that enter their brains as they absorb the meaning of the words, sentences, ideas and concepts they
are reading. One purpose of the Reading Response is to learn to read critically. To do this, one must question what is being read; one must interpret the author’s meaning and analyze its validity.
It is also necessary to make connections between the author’s ideas and one’s own experiences. When a text is written, an author has a meaning that he or she wants to impart. When a text is read,
the reader — in this case, you — through your experience and education, also brings meaning to what is being read. When you incorporate all of this into the reading experience, you are reading
actively and critically. This is the first step.


* A reading response is NOT a summary.
* Do NOT summarize what you have read.
* In fact, don’t refer to the text in your response at all.

Use the reading to stimulate your original thoughts on a subject related to the one you have read about. Your Reading Response should be an in-depth discussion of one or two of the thoughts and
ideas provoked by the reading selection. The Response should focus on your experiences–that is what I mean by making connections. A Reading Response is a formal writing assignment that discusses or
analyzes an idea or event in your experience that came to mind as a direct result of what you read.
The subject of your reading response is your own original thoughts, ideas or analysis related to any topic that occurs to you as you actively read.
The success of your reading response will depend on your depth of thought and your ability to express yourself coherently in an organized, grammatical, developed, 400 to 500-word formally written
response (1.5 to 2 pages, typed, double spaced –this is mentioned for your own reference only.
Also, as always, avoid the vague you, we, us, our; and refrain from asking questions in your writing!

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