Personality Theory

Personality Theory

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You will select a personality theory of *ONE PSYCHOLOGIST OF YOUR CHOICE: Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung or Alfred Adler* write a paper which describes and critiques the theory. You should include ALL
of the following in your paper and each section should be clearly delineated using headings:

1) A summary of the major principles (at least five) of the theory.

2) A discussion of how the theory addresses differences in gender and culture.

3) A discussion of whether or not the theory presents a comprehensive explanation of how personality develops. If so, how does it do this, if not, what is not explained?

4) A discussion of how the theory addresses changes in personality over the lifespan.

5) A discussion of your thinking/opinion of this theory, to include the following:
a) does the theory make sense to you and do you think it has validity—why/why not?,
b) do you think the theory adequately explains all aspects of personality and how does it do this or not do this,
c) what do you think needs to be added to or subtracted from the theory to make the theory more comprehensive and/or valid,
d) discuss whether you think the theory has remained valid over time and if so, what makes it continue to be valid, and if not, why is it no longer valid?
e) any other thoughts you would like to add about the theory.

You must use at least at least 3 scholarly sources for your paper (in addition to your textbook, which you should use sparingly for these papers), and in addition you may use one reputable website

Remember to cite any sources you use in the body of the paper as well as having references in your reference section. To not do so is considered plagiarism. Everything in sections 1-4 should have a
citation! You should also have citations in section 5 for anything that is not your original idea.

Should be at least 6-10 pages of writing (NOT including your title page, references, etc.) and must be in APA format. Each paper is worth 75 points. Refer to the five page assignment rubric for
complete guidance.

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