Ch.9 Case Pizza USA pp. 218-219 – SOP

Ch.9 Case Pizza USA pp. 218-219 – SOP

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Ch.9: Case Pizza USA (pp. 218-219)
Please complete and submit this assignment.
This is an Exercise in Translating Customer Requirements into Process Design Requirements.
You need to prepare a list that would describe your personal definition of a very good to excellent pizza delivery service.

You can assume that the pizza restaurant can make the pizza any way they want; the objective for you is to focus on the delivery service. This focus also includes your concerns about what happens
to the pizza while it is being delivered.

Start with a review/thinking of the requirements in designing service products and services. Then organize these items under major headings to make the next step somewhat easier to do. Once the
list is divided under major headings, take one of the headings (usually one with relatively few items such as, for example, “timeliness”) and ask yourself how you would do this if you ran the
restaurant. Then ask yourself how you would measure this and would there be any qualifications to a normal target. For example, regarding “fast delivery”, it will be affected by the delivery area
(service radius), and you may have heard of the Dominos situation of a few years back. Also recognize that the target should be adjusted in case of bad weather or special situations (like Super
Bowl Sunday).

If you say, “You’ll get a computer system to do this”, ask yourself how you would develop and evaluate such a system. What factors should the system consider? How would you determine that such a
system is giving you reasonably accurate output? You then challenge yourself to think of a non-computer method.

As an example, a simple method of tracking on time delivery would be to note when a driver leaves along with his/her expected return time. If the driver returns reasonably close to the expected
time, then it is likely that each of the pizzas on that run were “on time”.

The learning outcome of this assignment is for you to recognize how complicated something as seemingly simple as a pizza delivery service can become. You should learn that a major element of the
perceived quality of a service often involves the behavior of the individual providing the service, how the customer perceives that behavior, and the difficulty of measuring and managing the
desired behavior. In particular, you should note the difficulties inherent in an off-site service where management cannot directly observe the behavior of the service provider (the person who
delivers the pizza, for example).

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