Phenomenological Concepts

Journal: Phenomenological Concepts
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For the 5-1 Journal assignment this week, you’ll be using the readings in your text to demonstrate your understanding of Carl Rogers’s principle of self-concept. There are 4 prompts to address: In
this journal, you will summarize Carl Rogers’s major concepts and apply his principle of “self-concept” to yourself.
How much congruence do you think there is between you actual, ideal, and ought selves? How does this affect how you think, feel, and act? (You will be able to find information in your text to guide
your reflection. For example, you can find information on the actual and ideal selves starting on page 150 and information on the ought self on page 185.)
Briefly summarize your thoughts on Rogers’s major concepts of the self, self-actualization, and unconditional positive regard.
What research design(s) did Rogers use in his studies? (You can find information to guide your thoughts on research design, as well as ethics, starting on page 193.)
Do you think Rogers conducted his research ethically? Why or why not? (Use the information in the text to inform your thoughts on this topic.)