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Assignment one asks you to:

Consider the issue of your professor in abnormal psychology providing you with psychotherapy You should discuss the conflict associated with the issue, that is, the freedom from harm versus the right to effective treatment. You will want to consider the information discussed in class, the information from the reading assignment, or other outside sources you may consult on the issue. Keep in mind the types of people who are unable to provide informed consent. (Canada)

Like most good discussion papers you should consider taking the approach of a formal essay. Formal essays typically begin with an argument or position on the topic being discussed (called a thesis). The rest of the paper is the presentation of evidence in support of this position, and finally a conclusion reiterating the thesis and reason for this argument. Keep in mind that your position or argument is irrelevant – you may be for one position, or another, or both, or neither. What we are looking for is the sophistication of the defence of your argument.
Keep in mind you only have 3-4 pages to complete your paper.
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My Work so far:
– There would be an issue with the code of ethics and moral responsibility
– It can be detrimental to have a professor exit from their role as a professor and play the role of a psychotherapist
– It is unprofessional and inappropriate to have a professor be your psychotherapist
– Can start my explaining what psychotherapy is…?
– The code of ethics, the psychology today and American psychology association are the most important sources