Ted Talks (Deb Roy’s The Birth of a Word and Cesar Kuriyama’s One Second Every Day

Watch both Ted Talks (Deb Roy’s The Birth of a Word and Cesar Kuriyama’s One Second Every Day)
Submit one Microsoft Word Document containing your answers to two of the following four questions (you choose which two questions to answer).
• Font: Times New Roman, 12 point
• Margins: One inch (top, bottom, left and right)
• Line Spacing: Single
• Length: 250 words (minimum) per question (choose two of the following four questions to answer)
• Your answer is your thoughts/feelings/opinion. No additional research or works cited page is required.

Question A:

At ~17:06 in Deb Roy’s talk, he states that the “implications are profound … whether it’s for science, for commerce, for government … or perhaps most of all, for us as individuals”
As an individual, what do you believe are the positive and negative implications as it relates to our increasing ability to collect massive amounts of data and “connect the dots” as Roy
illustrates? Why?

Question B (from Ted Ed):

Deb Roy begins his talk by suggesting, “Imagine if you could record your life–everything you said, everything you did, available in a perfect memory store at your fingertips, so you could go back
and find memorable moments and relive them, or sift through traces of time and discover patterns in your own life that previously had gone undiscovered.” Would you want to do this? If yes, what
would you hope to recall or discover? Why? If not, why not?

Question C (from Ted Ed):

In order to probe the engagement properties of public media content, Roy and his colleagues are collecting and analyzing about three billion social media comments each month. Roy says they’re even
able to identify key people who seem to exert a lot of influence over what other people watch on TV and say online. What do you think of this? Pros and Cons?

Question D:

In Cesar’s talk, he indicates that he was tired of not remembering things he has done in his past. As a result, he “has been selecting one second of video from every day of his life, and editing
them together into a montage that both records his life, and forces him to reevaluate how he approaches each day.”
If you were to do this (create a montage of one second videos from every day of your life), what criteria would you use to select the one second to include in your montage? Do you believe, as
Cesar does, that this would force you to reevaluate how you approach each day? Why? If not, why not?

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