Heart disease and stroke prevention

select a pressing health problem affecting a community and develop a leadership and strategy plan for addressing the problem. You link this problem to a corresponding Healthy People 2020
objective(s). Scenario You are a new Health Program Planner recently hired by the Lake Troubled Shallows Department in Minnesota. Prior to your arrival. a comprehensive community health needs
assessment was conducted by the Health Department. Based on the assessment. the following top five community health needs were identified. • Heart disease and stroke prevention • Diabetes screening
• Physical activity • Maternal. infant and child health monitoring and treatment • Mental health and mental disorders screening and treatment The executive director of the Lake Troubled Shallows
Health Department has tasked you with targeting one of the aforementioned community health needs as a top priority during your first year. The director has asked you to develop a leadership and
strategy plan to address your identified community health need. As part of the pre-planning stage of developing your leadership and strategy plan. first select and match one the Healthy People 2020
objectives to one of the top five needs identified by the Health Department.