Ture call

1. What does Ture call “an arrangement fraught with tension”?
2. Does Ture’s mother leave Trinidad is search of a “better’ life or in search of the American dream? Explain
3. At what age would Ture reunite with his parents? Explain what is going on in this reuniting.
4. In America, Ture writes that he could never win spelling bees in the fifth and sixth grades. Why?
5. The handwritten draft of your first essay. What book do you think you will write about and why?

6. Ture says that he was touched when reading Gene Dennis’s poem because Gene had “given no indication” of what?

7. In your own words, what do YOU THINK, based on the poem, the exact “pain” Dennis is describing in his poem?

8. What did an Italian classmate “demand to know from Ture” in extremely vulgar language? Was this Italian classmate reinforcing or challenging race divisions? Explain.

9. Ture identifies his first “real problem” in this chapter. What was it? 10. Regarding this “problem,” Ture said he reached his “own solution.” What was it?