BYO revolution

1. What tends to be wrong with most policies used by organizations, as they pertain to the BYO revolution and its concepts? How can they be improved?
2. Our textbook advises that Marketing professionals need to learn to fail, and “fail fast.” What does this mean, and why do many people find this a hard thing to do? How do organizations
disincentivize failure, and what can and should be done about this?
3. We’ve taken a number of perspectives on organizational culture, and in particular at how “high-performance” cultures encourage and support their people in their efforts to make continuous
improvement a reality. What role does failure have to play in this, if any?
4. One argument against many of the BYO initiatives is that they challenge the wisdom of experience as regards the ownership and control of devices software applications, interfaces and information
itself. Suppose your boss is resisting such initiatives, based in large part on such concerns. How would you present the other side of the argument to him?