Order Description
explain the causes of a Schizophrenia from different perspectives within psychology medical/biological, psychodynamic and behaviourist.

For all three approaches you need to follow these instructions.

In first part, you need to write types of Schizophrenia, don’t define it or write any introduction, just write about types of Schizophrenia.
Then, you need to write Schizophrenia explanation from Biological, Behaviourist and psychodynamic perspective.

In third part you need to write about 1 piece of research to support each perspective, Twin study – Cardno et al (2002) for biological, DOUBLE-BIND THEORY Bateson et al (1956), for psychodynamic and for behaviour perspective you must one case study which supports this perspective.
In the fourth part, you need to evaluate each perspective on Schizophrenia, strengths and weaknesses.

500 words must be for text, not text with bibliography.

You need to write with your opinion and you need support your arguments. This is not a formal essay, but more lack piece of information.