Identifying a Risk Assessment Tool

Identifying a Risk Assessment Tool

Order Description
•Identify a Risk Assessment Tool and critically appraise the process of risk assessment with one service user from your clinical practice. Identify interventions to address the identified risk which balances care and control.


It is essential that you address both the assessment and the intervention plan for the area of risk you identify.

Please consider the following:

? Identify a risk assessment tool e.g. FACE, HCR 20. Offer a brief rationale for the use of the assessment tool.
? Identify a service user from practice and focus on one area of risk e.g. suicide, self-harm or violence. You can include a brief biographical summary of the person but please add further detail to the appendix.
? You must include a statement of confidentiality and change the name of service users and placements. Please ensure that you maintain anonymity of the service user at all times
? Critically appraise the knowledge and skills required when assessing risk e.g. interpersonal skills, picking up on cues, differentiating between evidence and supposition.
? The Validity and reliability of the Risk Assessment
? Provide an evidence base for your discussion of risk factors and protective factors.
? Identify the level of risk based on this with a clear rationale.
? Consider your decision making e.g. shared decision making with the service user
? Identify and critically review strategies for responding to the level of risk e.g. observations, addressing underlying issues, and therapeutic risk taking
? Provide a brief evaluation of the risk assessment and management for your service user which is supported by appropriate literature.
You must use appropriate literature to support your critical appraisal. Wide reading is essential.