Counter-productive behaviour at work

Counter-productive behaviour at work

Order Description
Task: Write an essay review of recent developments in the Counterproductive Behaviour Work area particularly with respect to new theoretical models and/ or training devices in the area.

Aim: The essay review should be up-to-date, comprehensive, and critical
Structure of essay could look like that:


1. What is Counter Work Behaviour? (Terms, History, different CWB – categories, classifications and personality traits)
2. Goal of essay: To review recent literature on the individual and contextual antecedents of deviant workplace behaviour and attempting to fit those findings into a theoretical framework by allowing to predict CWB (and perhaps to mention some training devices in this area)
Literature Review:

Please include The Personal Factors such as:
1. Effects of personality on workplace deviance
2. Five Factor Model (Big Five) – what is it, etc.
3. Other personality traits: Dark Triad, etc.

Please include The Situational Factors such as:
1. Organisational Injustice
2. Interpersonal Conflicts
3. Job Satisfaction
4. Other workplace stressors

Indicators and Risk Factors
1. Fraud Triangle
2. Why does CWB happen?
3. Why are so many organisations plagued by CWB?

Please include The Theoretical Framework
1. Ajzen (1991) – Theory If Planned Behaviour (TPB)
2. Recent satisfied theories?
3. Attempt of integrating findings from literature to extended model of TPB

Please refer also some points to Training Devices in this area
1. How can CBW at work be reduced?
2. Please mention some relevant trainings, alternatives, etc.


You do not need to include a reference page, better use the free words for the content. The essay must be written as a first-class and importantly, use many different sources.