Interviewing Fundamentals

Interviewing Fundamentals
Person Responding TOI Jose Martinez
Assignment Instructions (Please read and follow all Instructions. All instructions must be followed completely)
YOU are to respond to tne student’s forum posting by providing comments / additional insignt Of wnat you like and agreed on in regards to their
posting, along Witn providing additional insignts and making sure tnat direct questions are included tnrougnout tne essay. critical analysis and be
scholarly in nature.
YOUR ARE NOT to respond to tne student as a teacner (i.e. telling tne student wnat tney did wrong in tne paper) as you are not tne teacner and
this is not yourjoo.
Please note tnat sources must be current sources and Wikipedia and anonymous sources do not count as a source. One Of tne sources tnat must
be used is tne articles for tnis assignment.
Your response to tne student only needs to be one page and not any longer.
1. Stewart, C.. & Casn. W. (2012). Interviewing principles and practices (14th edition). New York. NY: McGraw-Hill.
Please note tnat Since tnis is a response back to a student do not include a title page. Just need to nave tne response along Witn references used”
What is tne Posting About: This is tne assignment instructions and questions tnat tne professor nad asked us to write about. This information is
being provided as an understanding Of wnen working on tne response to tne student’s posting
For tnis Discussion Forum. you need to read cnapters 5 & 6 in tne textbook and answer tne following questions:
1. Explain tne role of reliability in interviewing.
2. Define outcomes Of interviews.
3. Identify metnOds to select target populations for interviews.
Posting of Student Responding To:
Tne role Of reliability is quite important wnen it comes to interviewing. This is tne control Of tne interview and Will retrieve true facts from tne process.
Reliability is tne assurance tnat tne same types Of information is collected in repeated interviews (Stewart. 201 3). For example, to promote reliability
tne questions must be tne same and tne interviewer must deliver tne questions in tne same manner to all participants. Time availability must be
consistent to all interviewees. Tne identical location snould be provided and tne panel members must be tne same. Consistency must be maintained
to provide tne best results and prevent any deterioration from tne interview.
There are many different outcomes Of interviewing: it is dependent on wnat you are trying to acnieve. lf you are trying to explore one’s feelings.
motivations. or behaviors a qualitative survey may be acceptable. lf you looking for frequencies. opinions. or attitudes you may want to use a
quantitative survey (Stewart. 201 3). For example, wnen my organization was exploring tne idea Of an addition to our nature center. we utilized a
quantitative survey. We wanted to Know tne opinions Of our citizens. Tne outcome was trying to flnd tne information tnat WOUld allow tne organization
to make tne best decision in tne interest Of our stakeholders.
To reacn select target populations, tnere are many metnOds available to accomplisn tnis. There is person to person. internet. and telepnone. Person
to person. in my opinion.

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