Family Theme Backpack

Literacy Themed Backpack For this benchmark, you will create literacy themed backpacks with opportunities to identify and use environmental print to enhance phonics and phonemic awareness in
emergent readers.
Create literacy themed backpacks for kindergarten, first grade, or second grade including the following:

1.Identify the theme and its alignment to content standards and early learning standards;

2.Environmental print activity that is bias-free, culturally relevant;

3.Appropriate materials for the environmental print activity;

4.Resources for phonics and phonemic awareness activity, including technology resources;

5.Information sheet that gives the family directions on how to use the backpack;
6.Explanation of how and why the literacy backpack will benefit their child; and
7.Parent communication log that provides a way of assessing learning at home and a way for the family to provide feedback.
In a 15-20-slide PowerPoint presentation, present both backpacks with images of their content. In addition, create a title slide, reference slides, and slide notes with detailed explanations and