sugar intake and obesity

sugar intake and obesity
Order Description
Produce a concise case study to illustrate the impact of food policy and regulation on food provision, choice and nutritional health.

max of 2000 word case study to demonstrate a critical awareness of the complexities of food choice, lifestyle and nutritional health. You should include a brief overview of the impact that food policy and regulation in relation to food availability influences these choices.

Set out your case, levels of sugar intake in the UK and Internationally.
You need to consider how this issue might be addressed in terms of impact of food policy and regulation on food provision, food choice and nutritional health.
Present possible actions which might be used to address this problem and the possible implications of these actions.
You do not need to say which of these would be your chosen option but should mention some of the pros and cons of the actions.

references between 2004 and 2017 but you may use 1 or 2 prior that.

this is guideline check :

Does the case study give a short introduction to the topic?
Is there a concise overview of how the selected nutrient is influenced by food provision, food choice and nutritional health?

Literature and research
Are the databases searched and the search terms used in the search documented?
Is there a wide range of recent peer reviewed journal papers and the key epidemiological papers supporting the assignment?

Critical reflection
Is there a logical, critical discussion of the relevant literature, outlining its relevance to human health?
How is intake of the nutrient influenced by food choice, policy or the food chain?
Is there an assessment on the extent to which current interventions in are based on sound evidence based research?

Application and discussion
Are there any implications for changes in practice or future food policy?