Social Inequalities

1. Is there a dominant group in American politics which precipitate political inequalities? What would the Pluralists say? (2 Paragraphs, 2 Pieces of Evidence) What would G.W. Domhoff and C.W.
Mills say?

2. Following discussions on representation and gender, select a piece of advertising which depicts a representation of gender or gender roles and answer the following questions:
-Where did you find the ad? What is it advertising for? (1 Paragraph;
-As a Sociologist, how is the representation used: to inform, convince, entice, sell, or to promote a product, interaction, ideal, etc.? What may a functionalist say here? What might a conflict
theorist claim? (1 Paragraph)
-As a Sociologist, what values does your image seem to convey or transmit about gender or gender roles in society? Does the image challenge or reinforce cultural norms in the U.S.? Why? Does the
representation fetishize, eroticize, exoticize or does it portray things accurately? What would a functionalist suggest? And a Conflict theorist or gender theorist? (1 Paragraph)

3. According to W.E.B. Dubois, what is meant by ‘the veil’? And furthermore, how does ‘the veil’ engender and reinforce ‘double-consciousness’?