Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking Questions follow:
Question 1. Do you think it is okay for sociologists to not identify themselves when they do research? To misrepresent themselves>(Chapter 1-Page 36)

Question 2 . What Do you think should be done about the US crime problem? What sociological theories support your view?( CHAPTER 6: Deviance and Social Control; pg 154-186)

QUESTION 3. How do slavery caste and class systems of social stratification differ? ( Chapter 7; Social Stratification, Pg 186-228)

Question 4: Why do you think the gender gap in pay exists a;; over the world?( Chapter 8; Sex and Gender; Page 229-261)

Question 5: Explain why social class is more important than race-ethnicity in determining a family’s characterisitics?( Chapter 10 ; Marriage and Family Page 300-335)