Conditioning and social learning theory within society

my paper on Operant Conditioning and social learning theory within society. How they relate and the use of schedules theories of reinforcement for bullying prevention.

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—Research Paper for Psychology of Learning and Motivation (PSY3421)—

Your paper must contain the following
Must be written in APA format
You can reference this site for assistance with APA style and formatting:
Minimum of 3,000 words
Title page
References (not included in page count)
Format of paper (these should be section headings for your paper)
Introduction of topic – what are you writing about, and why is it important?
Literature review of your five primary sources – be sure to connect the literature to your topic
(on a new page *annotated bibliography using at least 5 references used in your paper*)

Conclusion – what does the research tell you? Is there future research in this area?
Your paper must be on one of the following topics
*Operant conditioning*
Schedules and theories of reinforcement

Regardless of the topic selected, each paper should combine the literature (outside research) with the Sniffy experiments
All papers should use at least five outside academic references.
Tips on conducting a literature review:
Papers must return a similarity index below 30% in Papers returning a similarity index greater than 30% will be referred to administration and given a grade of ZERO pending further